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All services can be mobile or at
Back to the Basics Training Facility in Towson, MD.

All services are available to adults and children (12 years and older)

Group Training session with Shernale Kenney

Group Training

Group training is available.  We focus on fun, engaging exercise at various levels.  Group fitness is still catered to the needs of the group and the location.  Groups range from 3 to 6 people, and include HIIT style exercises, bodyweight training and strength training. Group sessions take place outside in playground settings, in the gym or at the client site.

Packages of 5 sessions are $100, and individual “drop-in” sessions are $25 per. 

Private Training session with Shernale Kenney

Personal Training

Personalized training based on individual  goals and needs.  Personalized training can be one on one, or up to 3 with similar goals.  Services include TRX training, battle rope, kettle bell, BOSU, as well as traditional strength and endurance training.  So whether your goals include fat loss, strength, increasing endurance or conditioning, we can design a program just for you.  Sessions can take place at the client space or in the gym. 

Individual services starting at $55/ 60 min session.


Shernale is that rare find in a trainer. She is the perfect blend of fair, but tough. She knows how to push someone further than they thought they could go. But she also knows when to let up. She can make you believe you can do anything, and she will stick with you until you…

Marg W.

Shernale is the best! I would be hard pressed to go with another trainer. Shernale is not an easy trainer by any means. She is strong, tough and incredibly stubborn! She never gives up on you even when you give up on yourself. She is dedicated to her program and to the client. I would…

Catherine W.

Shernale was extremely motivational to work with and the results speak for themselves. I had originally started with a different person trainer but switched to shernale after hearing how well my mother and aunt were doing. So glad I made the switch at our first measurement check in I was so upset when I saw…

Jenn W.